We’ve Traveled the World With Millions of People, Protecting Them All the Way

We’ve empowered customers to travel with confidence for more than 25 years by delivering innovative travel insurance products and award-winning service. From product development to implementation, training, marketing, customer service, travel assistance, and claims, our partners see the difference a fully managed, integrated insurance program makes. They trust us to deliver a value-added travel insurance program that’s competitively priced, customizable, and backed by high-quality customer support.

Protect your customers’ travel plans while growing your business and bottom line profits.

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Sales Support at Every Level

Sales Support at Every Level

Travelex provides sales support at every level of the process to make sure your team is properly equipped to position the value of travel insurance for a successful rollout.

  • Program design, management, and analysis
  • Train-the-trainer and staff training courses
  • Ongoing daily account support
  • Customer service support available by phone or email to answer traveller questions

From Planning to Take-Off, Travelex Has You Covered

Our dedicated team will ease your administrative burdens and help you plan and manage the entire implementation process, so your travel insurance program has a smooth take-off.

  • National Sales Director oversees the entire insurance program
  • Dedicated Account Manager provides day-to-day account support
  • Frequent video conference meetings
  • Customized training sessions
  • Dedicated licensing and compliance resources
  • IT and Data Integration Team

First-Class Marketing Support

Our professional multimedia marketing team supports your rollout with impactful client materials to help educate your customers about the value of travel insurance and increase your conversion rates.

  • Custom brochures
  • Second-chance customer service
  • Digital ads and custom web content
  • Time-tested conversion techniques

Your Numbers Are Always on Our Radar

At Travelex, we know the success of any travel insurance program must be closely tracked, monitored and managed to ensure it meets your goals. That’s why we’ve developed a series of data dashboards that give you 24/7 visibility into your sales rates and commissions for ongoing analysis, management, and fine-tuning the program.


Every Trip Is an Opportunity for Growth

Travelex not only helps protect your customers and increase the value of their travel experience, but our compelling financials can also help meet your revenue goals and grow your business:

  • New revenue opportunities
  • Guaranteed base compensation rates
  • Multilevel payout structures
  • Cash flow maximization
  • Year-over-year revenue growth