Travelex Elevates Your Brand with Every Interaction

Travelex honours a true partnership that helps you achieve your core business goals. We fully integrate with your business, technology, and brand to ensure the best possible experience for your travel customers and clients. When our business interests and values are aligned there's no place you — or your customers — can’t go.

Learn why leading travel providers partner with Travelex.

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Integrate Travelex with Your Business Processes

Travelex Integrates With Your Business Processes

We take the time to understand how you engage with your clients to make sure travel insurance is a natural part of the process and integrates seamlessly into your business workflow.

  • Integration with your booking process
  • Seamless quote to enrollment process
  • Automated delivery of plan documents
  • Website and back-end integration

Brand-Aligned Customer Service

When a customer need arises, rest assured that our customer service team will uphold your brand standards for exceptional customer service:

  • Policy assistance from licensed customer service team members
  • Around-the-clock access to travel assistance professionals every day of the year
  • Vast network of 20,000+ global assistance providers
  • Efficient claims process with fast payouts
Full Marketing Support

Full Marketing Support

Travelex provides a variety of customized marketing campaigns to make it easy for our partners to offer our travel insurance and explain the value of the benefits and features.

  • Increase program participation
  • Turnkey print and digital ads
  • Digital and print materials to explain the value of travel insurance and increase sales
  • All materials aligned to your brand